Marketing for the Masses

A Web site's success is measured in the number of people that visit it. It's that simple. Making sure your Web site is bound for success, though, is another story. The Web is like the world's biggest, most disorganized magazine, and ensuring that your pages stand out and entice visitors can be a frustrating experience.

By utilizing a varied tool kit of Internet marketing tools, however, you can help ensure that users will find your Web site. These are just some of the available ways to market your Web site, but by combining these with more traditional marketing methods, you can give your Web site a fighting chance. Good luck!
  1. Your URL is your friend
    Your URL (or Universal Resource Locator, if you must know) is a crucial part of your overall marketing plan. Also known as your domain name (, for example), your URL should be on anything involving your business, involving your company stationary, business cards, email signature, print ads, etc. After all, you went through all that trouble finding a catchy domain name, didn't you?

  2. Register your Web site
    A large percentage of people find Web sites through search engines, so this should be one of the first things you do in your marketing blitz. Unfortunately, ensuring that a site ranks highly with the search engines is almost an art in itself - so much so, that there are now professionals whose sole jobs are to do search engine "optimization". Check out our Search Engine resources for more help.

  3. Ads, ads everywhere
    If you've ever surfed the Web, you've seen banner ads, and whether or not you hate 'em, they still are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Just like advertisements in other mediums, Internet banner ads have their own standards (see the Internet Advertising Bureau ( for more details). Unique to the Internet, though, are banner exchanges, where you can distribute your ad banner to many other Web sites, usually for free. Enlighten yourself about banner ads and ad exchanges with our banner ad resources.

  4. Award yourself
    Think your Web site is glorious? Let the whole world know, and get some free advertising at the same time by entering it in Web design contests. There are also many sites that review Web sites, so if you feel confident that your Web site is aesthetically pleasing AND user-friendly, you might want to submit it for a 3rd-party's approval. Another plus: your Web designer will like you very much.

  5. Join a Webring
    Webrings are a group of Web sites with a similar slant or subject matter, linked together. There's webrings out there now covering all sorts of topics, so joining one might help connect you with like-minded folks from all over the world.

  6. Spread the News
    One other useful way to bring your Web site to the web-going public's attention is to post an eye-catching and concise advert to a suitable newsgroup. Make sure, though, that the newsgroup you post to permits these kinds of posts, or that your Web site fits in with the topic being discussed, or you'll find yourself on the nasty end of an angry flame.

  7. Get Traditional
    The world doesn't revolve around the Internet (yet), so don't forget to take advantage of the more traditional marketing arenas like print, radio and TV. Take a look at our list of marketing magazine and articles for help in dealing with the rest of the mass market world.
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