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le 8, juillet 2008

Spat with Rogers leaves Canadian Apple stores without iPhones
Leave it to Rogers to screw up a perfectly solid profit opportunity by being overly greedy as usual.

le 2, juillet 2008

Fox News airs altered photos of NY Times reporters
One thing I’ll give Fox - just when you think things can’t get any lower, they find a new shithole to piss down.

le 16, juin 2008

Derek Powazek introduces Magcloud, a new “publish your own magazine” service. Very cool.

le 1, mai 2008

CSS Homer, animated
Homer created with just CSS and text. WOW.

le 28, avril 2008

Letters to serial killers

le 21, avril 2008

The Making of Bjork’s 3-D ‘Wanderlust’ Video
It’s just amazing that there is actually not a lot of CGI in the video - puppets, baby!

le 17, avril 2008

Milliways: Infocom’s Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
I don’t know how Andy got his hands on this, but it brings a tear of nostalgia to this old fart nerd.

le 18, mars 2008

Urban exploration of Michael Jackson’s playground.

le 13, mars 2008

Cover story: Blown away
Fascinating story of the rise and abrupt fall of a Canadian internet company.
Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW Mp3s by Paul Ford
Too much music for one person.

le 12, mars 2008

Quite the fun and clever awareness test.

le 5, mars 2008

“The Connection Has Been Reset”
Fascinating article on how the Chinese Internet firewall works.

le 4, mars 2008

Creating A Successful Online Portfolio
I see so many portfolios from prospective employees that utter fail that I wish this was required reading.

le 3, mars 2008

Jeff Healey dies
Really, really sad news. Rest in peace, Mr. Healey.

le 22, février 2008

Winners of the What is Graphic design poster competition | Veerle’s blog
There’s some really lovely work here (and wow, great prizes!)

le 18, février 2008

1999: My Career Begins With an Epiphany
Great explanation on design education and why design is important.

le 13, février 2008

Mini-muscleman: Meet the world’s smallest bodybuilder
Gotta love the human condition.

le 8, février 2008

Macworld reviews CSSEdit 2.6
CSSEdit is easily my favourite CSS editor on any platform.

le 4, février 2008

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Monkey Boy’s three-legged race
Brilliant analysis.

le 1, février 2008

Apple seeks iPhone visual designer
Um, hello, dream job?

le 24, janvier 2008

Edward Tufte on Interface design and the iPhone
Interesting that he does his demo using a jailbroken iPhone.

le 9, janvier 2008

NetNewsWire 3.1 is now freeware
Considering this is (in my opinion) the best newsreader application for any platform, this is pretty big news.

le 28, décembre 2007

Cintiq 12WX
I wish I could draw so I could justify buying one of these…

le 15, décembre 2007

Seeking landmark poster design
Armin Vit asks for suggestions for their upcoming book.

le 14, décembre 2007

Trajan is the Movie Font
“Everywhere I look, it’s Trajan, Trajan, Trajan.”

le 13, décembre 2007

iPhone Video proof of concept posted
I just gave this a try and it definitely works — pretty exciting!
Flickr now has stats!
They’re only for Pro customers and they need to be turned on, but this is pretty darn cool.

le 4, décembre 2007

Edit your photos! On Flickr!
Flickr partners with Picnik - looks awesome.

le 20, octobre 2007

WebKit Does HTML5 Client-side Database Storage
Wow, this is amazing news.

le 18, octobre 2007

Win & Regine Join Springsteen on Stage
They do State Trooper and Keep the Car Running together. Very cool. (thanks, Greg!)

le 16, octobre 2007

An Open Letter to Larry the Cable Guy
Written by David Cross

le 15, octobre 2007

I Heart Zappos
A rare and touching example of customer service that went above and beyond.

le 4, octobre 2007

Toys manufacture in China
Wonderfully strange photos of employees in a Chinese toy factory.

le 30, septembre 2007

Fowl Play
Wired magazine looks at Robot Chicken and the studio responsible for animating the series, ShadowMachine

le 2, septembre 2007

The Author Will Take Q.’s Now
NYTimes article on virtual book tours containing a hat tip to my man Smokler. Cool!

le 13, août 2007

First iMac calibration impressions
DPReview forum post on attempts to calibrate the new aluminum iMac screens

le 11, août 2007

World’s Weirdest Animals and Creatures
J’aime le monde.

le 9, août 2007

The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness
Unbelievably harrowing and ugly.

le 4, août 2007

Syncotype your baselines
Handy bookmarklet to help make aligning text and images easier

le 3, août 2007

Code Collector Pro
Interesting-looking “snippets+” application that stores code snippets and supports TextMate bundles

le 30, juillet 2007

XRAY web developer’s suite
WestCiv ports Style Master’s XRay feature to the web - this looks like a really nice implementation

le 29, juillet 2007

Wildly gorgeous “inspiration server” portfolio by Mamoru Kano

le 22, juillet 2007

75 Simple Pleasures to Brighten Your Day
Note to self - do at least one of these a day.
Walk Score
Find out how walkable your home is via Google Maps. Very cool.

le 20, juillet 2007

Ask a music scene micro celebrity
Crazy - Steve Albini answers questions in a poker web site discussion forum?

le 16, juillet 2007

Leaflets: iPhone apps that grow on you.
Nice collection of iPhone widgets from the Blue Flavor folks.

le 14, juillet 2007

Plugin that gives you the ability to post to Flickr from Photoshop.

le 13, juillet 2007

Unintentionally Sexual Comics Covers/Panels
Featuring too many awesome examples

le 12, juillet 2007

Non-Top-Posting Reply Scripts for Apple Mail
I love John Gruber.

le 11, juillet 2007

One Year. One Family. No Chinese Products.
A woman wrote a book about trying to live for a year without using any products made in China.

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