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The songs currently tattooed on our brains (a.k.a. songs my son can sing and/or ask for by name)

Posted here mostly for historical purposes, but dammit, it’s pretty impressive that he’s somehow managed to memorize lyrics to most of these songs. Some of these are rather unfortunate (<cough>BUBLÉ!!!1!<cough>), but there’s still a few years left to influence his musical tastes, right? Right?

To Be Continued…

He has his mother’s sense of humour

Me: Hey, let’s get a card for mommy.
The Boy: Sure!
Me: Okay, you pick one.
The Boy: (grabbing a card) Daddy, this one!
Me: ….

Alec is indoctrinated into the murky world of merchandising

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He (okay, we) love Yo Gabba Gabba, but the massive Toys R Us shelf of assorted YGG crap was still unnerving. The hug was cute, though.

Happy Birthday, Alec!

A year ago almost to the minute that I’m posting this photo Alec was born into the world (at 12:32am to be exact). What followed was everything I could have hoped for and so, so much more.

I’ve sat down numerous times and tried to put into words just how incredible and insane and sleep-deprived and screwed up and inexplicably grounding it is to become a father, but eventually I’ve given up. Fatherhood is probably best experienced, not reminisced, I suppose.

Jonathon Coulton once remarked that becoming a new parent was like “becoming a vampire” - that your old life dies this slow, somewhat painful death, but then you fall in love and are reborn immortal and stronger.

I have fallen in love, and I can definitely say that everything he says is true.

Happy birthday, Alec!

Alec Matthieu Ruel-Lee

the peanut

World, please welcome a new addition to the global roster: our son Alec, born June 1st at 12:32 am and weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces. For anyone who is waiting for a phone call, returned email, or smoke signal you may have to wait a while as our life shoots off into new and exciting tangential space.

We are currently accepting well wishes, offers of food, maid service, or deep tissue massages, or any tips or tricks on how to squeeze a day’s worth of sleep into 20 minutes.

All I can say is huzzah! Life is grand.

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