Les petites obsessions

Diced oranges, apples, and yogurt with a touch of brown sugar. Listening to my son say the words “octopus”, “worm”, and “geek”. The Planet Money podcast. Ginger snap cookies. The Minimalist. Learning how to be a good Mozillian. Eye magazine. Planning stuff with the Wishingline crew and James. The loud whooshing sound that the air makes as the east/west trains pull into Keele station. Radio Lab. Feeling healthy. Hanging out in IRC with my Canadian Mozilla peeps. Having dreams about places with exotic names like Gaborone, Maseru, and Kigali. This American Life. The Flip Mino HD. Wholphin. Learning JQuery (and actually feeling like I know what I doing). Pondering the (lack of) cartography of the PATH. Allowing my productivity to be interrupted by fiddling with Things / The Hit List / Remember The Milk and many others. Politician hair helmets. Reminding myself daily that whereever I go, there I am.

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