Entries from June 2008

Happy Birthday, Alec!

A year ago almost to the minute that I’m posting this photo Alec was born into the world (at 12:32am to be exact). What followed was everything I could have hoped for and so, so much more.

I’ve sat down numerous times and tried to put into words just how incredible and insane and sleep-deprived and screwed up and inexplicably grounding it is to become a father, but eventually I’ve given up. Fatherhood is probably best experienced, not reminisced, I suppose.

Jonathon Coulton once remarked that becoming a new parent was like “becoming a vampire” - that your old life dies this slow, somewhat painful death, but then you fall in love and are reborn immortal and stronger.

I have fallen in love, and I can definitely say that everything he says is true.

Happy birthday, Alec!

Back in the saddle

Not that anyone probably noticed, but the engine that powers the BeatnikPad (Movable Type) was having some major conniptions after I moved servers just over a week ago. Happily things seem to be working again, including comments, so one more thing is right in the world.

Since I have your attention, I wanted to confirm that there will be optimized Firefox 3 release builds available within a day or so of the official release (slated for June 17th, I believe). Firefox 3 has native form widgets built in (finally!) so there will be no more need for separate builds.

As this is a major release I definitely will build for all three platforms (G4, G5, and Intel) assuming the access I have to a G5 machine doesn’t go down.

So: web site is working again, Firefox 3 builds coming, and I am polishing off fairly complete instructions on how to build your own optimized copies of Firefox to follow soon afterwards.

That is all.

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