Happy Birthday, Alec!

A year ago almost to the minute that I’m posting this photo Alec was born into the world (at 12:32am to be exact). What followed was everything I could have hoped for and so, so much more.

I’ve sat down numerous times and tried to put into words just how incredible and insane and sleep-deprived and screwed up and inexplicably grounding it is to become a father, but eventually I’ve given up. Fatherhood is probably best experienced, not reminisced, I suppose.

Jonathon Coulton once remarked that becoming a new parent was like “becoming a vampire” - that your old life dies this slow, somewhat painful death, but then you fall in love and are reborn immortal and stronger.

I have fallen in love, and I can definitely say that everything he says is true.

Happy birthday, Alec!

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