People who, if I ran into them in public, would have to be punched in the face (even though I am a pacifist).

John Baird, Stockwell Day, Jason Kenney, and the rest of Stephen Harper’s merry band of asshats. Joe Francis. Any man who was ever a Bachelor. The convenience store owner near my office who decided to tell me me “didn’t trust Asians, because they are thieves.”. Radio shock jocks. Guys who insist on doing horrifically bad Borat impressions. Tim Hardaway. The inventor of air sex. Toronto city councillor Rob Ford. Mark Burnett (for starting the whole grotesque mess in the first place). Whomever created the abomination known as Pocari Sweat.

I can’t maintain this level of negativity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the slack. Who do you think deserves a bop on the nose for their contributions (or lack of) to society?

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