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Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel Macs (updated)

firefoxLess than a month after the previous maintenance release comes yet another Firefox maintenance release, version

According to the release notes, this update has “fixes for various web compatibility regressions” as well as a fixed for FTP “port-scanning” security hole.

(Folks, if you were wondering why it took me a little while to build this update, the preceding paragraph is all the reason you need. This is really just a minuscule, low-priority update.)

Speaking of which, can someone explain to me exactly what the difference is between a 2.0.0.x release and a 2.0.x release? I really would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the idea to add yet another decimal point to the version number was discussed…

As usual there are two different versions available - one with “Firefoxy” form widgets applied, and one with the more OS X-looking aqua form widgets. The default user agent has also been tweaked to identify these builds correctly as Firefox.


G4-optimized Firefox

G5 and Intel mac builds

There are new builds of Firefox now available — download them from here.

Why is the name / icon different?

I really shouldn’t have to keep repeating this, but every time I post a new Firefox release I still seem to get people annoyed / pissed off / confused as to why these builds are missing the Firefox name and icon. So here comes the strong emphasis:

The Firefox name and icon are trademarked and cannot be used with non-official builds. These are non-official builds, so they cannot have the official branding. Pretty straight-forward. Please don’t ask me to build versions with the official branding.

As always, feel free to post your thoughts / experiences / etc. in the comments. Enjoy!

Google adds some illustration into the mix

Screenshot of Google personalized homepage

I was rather surprised by the new themes that Google rolled out recently for their personalized homepage product. Could this be the influence of über-designer Doug Bowman? At any rate, it’s nice to see Google finally adding some nice illustration and visual design to their products. Austere can only get you so far.

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