Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel Macs

Updated January 6: G4-optimized versions are now available! I haven’t had much time to test these, but from what I can tell they work just fine.

I had a bit of time between jousting with other frantic last-minute Christmas shoppers and relaxing with my family to build some optimized versions of the recent Firefox maintenance release, nee version

What’s new?

firefoxThe release notes on what’s new shows that this release is mainly bug fixes and security updates. If you want all of the gory details you can pop on over to the Mozilla site.

Update: Hey, it looks like this version fixes the “I hit command-w with only one tab open and the window won’t close” bug that 2.0 shipped with. Hooray! Oh, and it also looks like people just can’t be bothered to actually read this entire entry before commenting. Ah well.

New aqua form widgets and user agent tweakage

As usual there are two different versions available - one with “Firefoxy” form widgets applied, and one with the more OS X-looking aqua form widgets.

These builds are the first ones to have an overhauled version of the aqua form widgets. I’ve spent some time tweaking them to fix a bunch of the rendering and alignment issues found in earlier versions. Let me know if you notice anything looking out of place.

I have also tweaked the user agent so that these builds identify themselves as Firefox instead of BonEcho.


Updated - A newer version is now available.

(Cutting and pasting this from the last update ‘cause I’m lazy and tired of having to repeat it)

Why is the name / icon different?

I really shouldn’t have to keep repeating this, but every time I post a new Firefox release I still seem to get people annoyed / pissed off / confused as to why these builds are missing the Firefox name and icon. So here comes the strong emphasis:

The Firefox name and icon are copyrighted and cannot be used with non-official builds. These are non-official builds, so they cannot have the official branding. Pretty straight-forward. Please don’t ask me to build versions with the official branding.

ISSN 1499-7894
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