Back on the air

Hopefully the site should be back up for everyone — my DNS provider (ZoneEdit) was suffering under a major denial of service attack on a bunch of their nameservers for the past two days, but it seems to have been contained.

So, in brief:

  1. Yes, I’m aware that Firefox is available. Seeing how it’s only three days until Christmas and the fact that I’ll be away for a bit means it may take a while before I get to building some optimized builds. (Aside: oh dear god, they’ve added another decimal point — does this mean we’ll see version numbers like Firefox
  2. DID I JUST SAY THREE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS?! (has short but vicious panic attack)
  3. It’s too damn warm here. It’s quite daunting to rouse the festive spirit when you’re walking around in a light fall jacket with nary a flake of snow to be found…

On that note, I better throw myself into some last minute “holycrapIhavenogiftsyet” Christmas shopping before it’s too late and everyone on my gift list gets Kraft Dinner and a hand-drawn facsimile of something they might have actually wanted.

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