Traffic Jam

24 hours of traffic courtesy (mostly) of, TUAW (twice),,, and looks like this:


And this includes around two hours of off-loading the brunt of Digg’s assault from this server onto my new Media Temple grid server account, so the actual numbers are much higher.

Total bandwidth so far? Nearly 400 gigabytes of data transferred, and still going.

A number of very nice people have emailed me asking if I accept donations. I really appreciate the sentiment, but I have a terabyte (!) of bandwidth with Media Temple so I’m not worried about bandwidth overages. Others have asked if I could seed these as torrents. At this point the frenzy is over so there shouldn’t be any problems downloading, but next time there’s a major release I’ll probably offer torrents to help spread out the traffic.

That said, I’d be a bad marketer if I didn’t point interested parties to download a free demo of Path Finder and give it a whirl. If it strikes your fancy, buy a copy - I will receive a portion of your purchase as Cocoatech is a client of mine.

Or don’t - either is just fine with me. I build my Firefox builds because it’s kind of interesting to me and it’s the best way I know how to give back to the mac community. The fact that people are downloading them and enjoying them is, cliché aside, reward enough.

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