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Looking over the homepage reveals that I’ve posted a grant total of eight posts over the past three months - two of which were Firefox updates so they totally don’t count. All in all I think it’s safe to say I dropped the semi-regular blogging baton a while ago and never picked it back up.

I suppose this web site is easing its way through what might be the plot arc for a cheesy Hollywood romance movie starring a mid-90’s era Ethan Hawke: at first, the novelty and the newness of the relationship is intoxicating: Ohmygod you are such a good listener and you really care about what I’m saying!

After a while a narcissism-induced hangover sets in. Faster than you can say maybe we should just be friends the affair is over, and all you’re left with is a shoebox full of letters, photos, and the distinct feeling that you no longer have anything meaningful to talk about.

I originally started posting online because I enjoyed writing and wanted to improve, and like the truly self-absorbed I didn’t think it was worth doing unless I had an audience. At the same time I thought this site could be my “designer’s playground”: a place for me to experiment and grow as a designer.

The problem of course is the urge to write has faded a lot over the past year or so. I no longer plan and scheme post ideas days (or even weeks) ahead of time, and my flickering desire to inform the world of what I’ve been up to / doing / seeing / thinking hasn’t exactly overwhelmed me into action. At the same time I stopped redesigning the site because a) I was too busy working, and b) my self-induced pressure to knock the redesign out of the ballpark pretty much paralyzed me instead into doing nothing.

You know you’ve jumped the blogging shark when you’ve stooped to posting about the fact that you’ve lost the wherewithal to post in the first place. The obvious next question is, what’s next?

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