That toddling town

I’m back from five days in Chicago, spent mostly trying to wrap my arms around the behemoth that was Lollapalooza 2006, cavorting with some lovely friends, acting like a social retard, and suffering from a mild generational crisis. The brain is sun-dazed, the body a teensy bit achy (and oh-so tanned), and the ears have been both pampered and pummelled with three whole days of music.

This was also my first time back in Chicago since the early nineties (and my first real trip where I actually had time to explore), and while there wasn’t much time or energy outside of the festival for sight-seeing, I did get a bit of a chance to look around. I gotta say: Chicago, you’re one damn fine-looking city. Toronto should aspire to look so good.

For the many people who commented or emailed me: yes, I know Firefox is out, and at some point in the next couple of days once I get caught up on sleep / work / quality time with the girlfriend I’ll try to update my builds.

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