Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel

firefoxI just finished building optimized Firefox builds and have now posted them for download. There are now optimized builds for every Mac CPU currently available (G4, G5, and Intel Mac) and Firefoxy and native aqua form widgets available for the G4 and Intel builds. The G5 build is aqua form widgets only (and no, there won’t be a Firefoxy build for the G5 so don’t ask).

Here’s what’s new according to the Mozilla changelog for Firefox

  • Improvements to product stability
  • Security fixes (more details on this here)

The usual caveats apply: I don’t support these builds, they’re called DeerPark because of trademark issues, and please don’t run these if you’re not comfortable running untested, unofficial releases. In lieu of donations, I ask that you take the time to phone your mom and / or dad - I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Now that I’ve spun these builds and posted them, who wants to lay money on how long before Firefox is released? I hope for later rather than sooner - a guy’s gotta do real work with his computer sometimes, you know.


Edited 07/29/06: A new version is now available and you can get the details (and downloads) from here.

After banging my head against a tree and cursing loudly in German (hey, you never know) I finally gave up on trying to figure out how to set up an auto-update server for these builds. The instructions made my head throb mightly and I had to rush off and take a long, cold shower before I inadvertently burst something valuable. Ah well.

Okay, comments are back on. The Digg effect coupled with a nasty CPU issue related to Movable Type’s comment CGI file basically crippled my server. Thankfully the fix was fairly easy: read how to fix the comments.cgi CPU issue here.

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