G4 and G5-optimized Firefox now available (updated)

Man, I really wish the Mozilla guys would stop pooping out these teensy version updates. At any rate, optimized builds of Firefox for the G4 and G5 processors are now available.

Here’s the changelog:


  • Security fix for a denial of service vunerability.


  • Universal Binary support for Mac OS X which provides native support for Macintosh with Intel Core processors. Firefox supports the enhancements to performance introduced by the new MacIntel chipsets. (Obviously this isn’t applicable to these builds).
  • Improvements to product stability.
  • A whack of security fixes

That’s it. No mood-enhancing flavonoids, no brand new widgety-doodads, and no life-reaffirming Yngwie Malmsteen guitar solos; just bug fixes and “product stability”. But you asked for optimized builds, so here they are.

Updated: For now, there are G4 builds with the aqua native form widgets and Firefoxy form widgets, and a G5 build with aqua form widgets only.

If you’ve a G5 and looking for a Firefoxy build I sadly won’t be able to help you. I no longer own a G5 machine and all of the G5 builds that appear on this site are provided by my building partner Voon Siong Wong.


As usual, comments are welcome, but I’m not responsible if these builds slap you in the face and call you a Dungeons and Dragons weenie (or, god forbid, crash). And for the last time, the Firefox icon and name can only be distributed with official builds. Sorry for yelling, but I’m getting pretty tired of people sending me angry emails asking the same question over and over again.

At any rate, enjoy.

(Neil, who is in dire need of strong caffeine and a muffin right about now).

(Looking for bleeding edge Firefox 2.0 nightly builds? G5-optimized versions are here. I’ll post a new Intel optimized build soon, too.)

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