People I have been mistaken for that I am most definitely not

  1. “Hey, aren’t you the bassist from Death Angel?” (note: he’s Filipino)
  2. “OH MY GOD, you’re James Iha!” (half-Japanese, though I did have blonde hair at the same time he did, for what it’s worth)
  3. Some guy named Terry, who apparently treated this girl rather badly (I got slapped in the face at the bar)
  4. “Holy shit - you’re the guy from 21 Jump Street!” (Vietnamese. This was preceded by the same person saying that my aboriginal buddy was “totally Johnny Depp”.)
  5. Repeatedly mistaken for a guy named Nick. Nick, Neil - they both sounds like verbs, I guess.
  6. Someone with a deep, meaningful grasp of the dark martial arts. You would be amazed how often this still happens. Stop learning your racial stereotypes from 70’s action movies, please.
  7. “Hey, aren’t you the guy from the Mighty Power Rangers?” (Archie Kao, now a semi-regular on CSI, and Chinese.)
  8. Shauna’s boyfriend’s cousin Lance. Maybe this name-as-verbs theory does hold water…
  9. The “surly, bitchy shop owner” from the convenience store down the street.

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