Path Finder 4 released

pf4.pngI normally don’t pimp work that I’ve done, but this is a bit different. I’ve been working with Steve at Cocoatech for nearly three years now, and this day has been a long time coming.

Late this afternoon I pushed up the new Path Finder release to the Cocoatech servers, as well as a bit of a design “touch-up” to the site. I wish I could say I’m incredibly proud of the site design, but to be honest I’ve been so freaking busy lately this was more of a quick tweak than a full-fledged redesign.

I’m much more proud of the actual application. I first started working with Steve because I was a big fan of Path Finder, but wasn’t too happy with the direction the Cocoatech web site was going. Frankly, it was a mess. A quick email and a short discussion later and I was working on design mockups for a brand new site.

From there my involvement in Path Finder and his company has grown to the point where I’m handling pretty much everything except for coding the application. The site design, marketing, tech support, writing documentation, doing some interface design, handling the alpha and beta testing - even though I haven’t touched a line of Path Finder’s code, this release has a lot of me in it.

Path Finder 4 is a massive update from the previous version. Steve basically ripped the application down to the basics and re-wrote over 80% of the code to make it more efficient and easier to update. Along the way we added a ton of customer-submitted feature requests, including tabs, a bookmark bar, and a whole bunch of other tasty stuff. Icon Master General Jon Hicks lent us some of his icon making magic and created Path Finder a swank new icon, too.

So check out the site and the application. Path Finder 4 was over 18 months in development and we worked our asses off on it. I’ve learned a ton and I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I’d like to take a selfish moment anyway and say that I’m pretty damn proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Update: Oh crap. (These were all received in the past 18 hour period). Where’s Merlin’s inbox-fu when I need it?


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