10 lists worth reading

Work is kicking my ass in more ways than I care to describe, so instead I’ll wimp out and post a meta-list of sorts. It does seem like the web is really getting into lists these days.

  1. 10 things every new mac owner should know
  2. Full-time freelancing: 10 things learned in 180 days
  3. 10 rules for web startups
  4. 9 Canadian bands rocking the passport
  5. The top 40 bands in America today
  6. Overheard: Goblet of Fire edition
  7. 10 ways to please us, the customers
  8. My top ten CSS tricks
  9. Five terrible fake entrees from the dotcom era
  10. List of CDs infected with Sony’s craptacular rootkit digital rights management

And that’s just in the last few weeks. Just wait until all of the music and film webloggers start posting best-of lists for 2005. Sproing!

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