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Creeping vines on a building in the Ryerson Campus.

Cool musicians who blog

I thought it would be cool to start compiling links to musicians I enjoy who run their own weblogs, so let’s at ‘er. When I talk about cool, I guess I’m talking about cool as it pertains to me (who else?), and when I talk about weblog, I’m talking something fairly frequently updated by the artist themselves. If you know of a musician I’ve missed, please let me know.

Clarification: If I can find the artist listed on MP3.com (which uses the All Music Guide data in a site that doesn’t suck ass), Metacritic, or Pitchfork, it gets added to the list. Not a very good (or fair) definition of “cool”, but I gotta have some kind of criterion.

Follow the jump for a rather massive list.

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Fall tweaking

If the page looks weird or broken, please refresh your web browser (hold down shift and hit the “reload” button). Thanks.

The current BeatnikPad design is over two years old and to be honest I’m absolutely sick of it. The code and structure of the site is getting crufty. too, and needs to be updated in so many ways it’s not funny. But I just don’t have the luxury of time to roll out any of the design ideas I have baking in Photoshop. So it’s tweaking time.

For now, just so I don’t groan every time I load the site, I’ve made some changes to alleviate the main things that were driving me nuts. I may have missed a page here and there, though, so please let me know if you find a page that doesn’t look right.

Update: I’ve added yet another weblog to the sidebar featuring MP3s and tunes I come across in my travels. There’s a lot of free music readily available out there, and this will spotlight the interesting stuff I find.

No surprise here: it’s called Found MP3 of the day. I’m such a music dweeb. If there’s enough interest, I’ll add a newsfeed, but for now I think I should get back to actual work.

More tweaking: I just made some changes to the way fonts are sized - let me know if they look very tiny or too big. Now, about that image map…

10 things I wish Lacuna could erase from my mind

Eternal Sunshine
  1. The existence of nutella. So good, but so wrong.
  2. All instances of Tara Reid, but most especially these horrifying photos (NSFW, and truly frightening)
  3. Stealthy fart smells, especially on the subway and when taking the streetcar down King street. I used to think people were rude, then I realized that the city just smells bad. Well, and people are rude.
  4. That time when I capped off staying awake for over eighty consecutive hours by eating a massive plate of Mongo Bongo (plastic-mall food-stir fry) and riding the so-called “Death Rollercoaster” in West Edmonton Mall. Dear innocent bystanders: I apologize.
  5. Three words: 80’s hair metal. What was I thinking?
  6. The advertising jingle “Everybody loves Marineland.”
  7. Actually thinking that doing the splits in front of Karen H. would impress her, and then trying to do so while wearing tight jeans. In front of many witnesses. Grade 7 was a very long year.
  8. Feliz-fucking-Navidad.
  9. The night when I got into a substance-induced bellowing match with a poor Salisbury House employee over the deluded idea that calling their hamburgers “nips” was a racist act.
  10. Convincing myself she meant no, when she actually meant yes.

Anything you wish you could forget?

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