Things I am currently thankful for (pre-thanksgiving mix)

Six days away from the computer, email, and responsibility. Montreal bagels (specifically St-Viateur bagels). Being told that my first chapter was “great” after weeks of waiting, worrying, and nail-biting. Open wireless access points at my favourite cafés. Clomicalm. The fact that Tom Cruise is no longer in the news every goddamn day. The slight chill in the air that signifies the beginning of autumn. The return of Arrested Development. Modern air flight. The Economist. Funny-shaped post-it notes. Sufjan Stevens. Path Finder. Ocean Spray cranberry juice. That Rockstar:INXS is finished tonight, so I can finally get back to avoiding all reality TV shows. Crumpler bags. Bittorrent (the new VCR poor man’s Tivo). Permanent press button shirts. TVBGone. Simon & Patrick Luthier guitars. Cheesy acoustic guitar ballads from the 80’s. A lovely girlfriend who enjoys “Talk like a pirate day” as much as I do. Cats. Giada De Laurentiis. Dickies work pants (aka “those old man pants of yours”). pop77 mixes (and the DJ, too). The fact that people still read this web site even though I post smelly turd-like posts like this one.

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