Five things I wish I knew before the day started

  1. That scouring the city for an air conditioner would make me very grumpy.
  2. That getting the last window air conditioner available at Costco would almost precipitate a fist fight with a large, very sweaty and hairy man.
  3. That attempting to install a window air conditioner in +34° temperatures (+42° with the humidity) would leave me feeling woozy and dizzy.
  4. That window air conditioners often require wood shims underneath (less it fall on top of unsuspecting people below) that are very difficult to find in High Park and often mean negotiating with large, very sweaty and hairy men at lumberyards.
  5. That after three hours of struggling and cursing it turns out that air conditioners cannot be installed on side slider windows.

All I can say is: crap.

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