The Living is Easy

Things that are currently making an oppressively hot, smoggy summer sparkle like a shiny new dime:

  • Indulgiung in smooth, highly caffeinated cups of Café Francese at Sicilian Ice Cream with the latest issue of The Economist
  • Getting a chance to spend a week hanging out with some hometown homies in town on vacation
  • Oodles of free live tuneage, including The Most Serene Republic doing an in-store at Soundscapes on College street, Canada Day celebrations with The Apostles of Hustle and Feist, and Out Hud and The Quantic Soul Orchestra as part of the Beats, Breaks, & Culture festival
  • Living less than 50 feet away from High Park, where there’s tennis to be played, trails to explore, pools to swim in, and Shakespeare to be spectated
  • Being pleasantly busy without feeling that sense of panic that usually accompanies lots of work (though I still need to find a good café with free wifi - anyone?)
  • Gallivanting about with Renée like madcap beatniks without a care in the world
  • Getting to see David Sedaris do a public reading (he’s just as funny in person)
  • The tickle of a cool breeze on a hot, sweaty day that makes your whole body shiver deliciously
  • Not having much of a plan for the summer, and being completely and utterly pleased with that state of affairs

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