Deep in the heart (clap clap) of Texas

grackle.gifI just stopped in at the hotel to grab a jacket and figured it was time to break the blog silence. The days have been absolutely spectacular, but it gets chilly in the evenings in Austin, didn’t you know. I’ve also learned that the native bird of Austin is the long-tailed Grackle, and that, when in Rome, it’s best to say, “y’all” whenever possible.

I am on my way to catch what I can of the Fray Café 5. I just had the extreme (extreme!) pleasure of hanging out for a spell with “The British Design Invasion”, which included someone I’d been looking forward to meeting, Jon Hicks. What a blast. I’ve had the great luck to meet lots of damn friendly folk here, and learn a thing or time while I’ve been at it.

Much more hot, sweaty post action on the festivities and the conference soon, as time permits. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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