G5-optimized Firefox nightly builds

July 7th: Thanks to the wily geek powers of Voon Siong Wong, we now have a reasonably consistent source for nightly Firefox G5 builds. Voon was nice enough to allow me to link directly to his builds from here, as quite a few people have this page bookmarked. I’ll update this page with new build links as they appear.

You might want to check out the mozillazine thread, too.

firefoxI’ve started building G5-optimized Firefox again, this time pulling from the latest nightly code. Thanks to everyone who sent in compliments, complaints, and feedback on the previous set of builds.

For those who missed it the first time around, these unofficial builds have been created with optimizations for Apple’s G5 processor, found in the more recent Powermacs and the latest iMac models. They should be faster and more responsive than the official builds. You can read more about these builds and comments from users in the initial post.

Keep in mind that because these builds are being created from the most recent, mostly untested Firefox code, there will be bugs, missing features, and other stuff. In other words:

If you are not comfortable using pre-release software, don’t use these builds.

» Download

(Looking for the G5-optimized Firefox 1.5 release build? You can download it from this entry.)

Starting with the March 17th build the new development name for Firefox has changed from DeerPark to Bon Echo, in case you were wondering why the application is called that. Again, don’t yell at me - I don’t set the name, I just build the thing.

New September 1: G5-optimized Firefox 2.0 beta 2

The latest build was created on September 5:
» Download the 20060906 build

Previous nightly builds
» Download the 20060901 build
» Download the 20060825 build
» Download the 20060822 build

As with the previous builds, please post in the comments how these builds are working for you.

Update (July 20): I have created a special BeatnikPad Mozilla / Firefox feed for those of you who are interested in just Firefox and other Mozilla-related updates. See how much I care?

For those of you who want the full BeatnikPad feed (which includes Firefox updates) you can use this feed instead. Enjoy!

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