So this is the New Year

It’s finally time to shimmy the last vestiges of the holidays out of the system and get down to business. Well, if posting to my site could be considered business, that is.

All told, my holidays were quite lovely, thanks. There was lots of visiting, lots of hanging out with friends and family, and much partaking of the “you’re a lucky bastard / don’t take any of this for granted” yuletide epiphanies that somehow makes the holidays even more enjoyable. I stared down a mason’s brick of fruit cake and won, and managed to make it through another freezing winter without losing my sense of humour. Let’s hear it for highs of -40° Celsius with the wind chill!

Okay, that’s enough of that. Consider this to be more of a big-toe-in-the-water test post than anything substantial. My weblogging mojo was weakened a bit from too much time slumming it Franco-Ukrainian style in Winnipeg.

In other words: Helllooo, 2005!

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