From the “my head is swelling” file

large head Still from L’Homme à la Tête en Caoutchouc

Apparently, someone at the Now, Toronto’s weekly rag-about-town has decided that the BeatnikPad is the “Best local weblog”. This seems all the more ironic considering I haven’t been back here long enough to even quality for Ontario health coverage yet. But, it’s swell(ing) to be noticed, any way.

Of course, I’m perplexed by this distinction when you consider that there are many other ass-kicking web sites run by locals that are much more deserving, but best-anythings tend to be a pretty strange collection at the, er, best of times.

For those of you visiting here for the first time, go spend some time over at the GTA Bloggers web site. It’ll make you irresistibly sexy, trust me.

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