These aren’t the droids you’re looking for


Life continues at a pace, with small victories, minor dramas, and the constant battle to make time for cake. I’ve been spending the last few weeks enjoying our new apartment, and exploring the various nooks and crannies of our new neighbourhood, while trying to maintain a semblance of a professional life.

Renée and I went out to see Snow Patrol play last week, which was just awesome. Lead singer Gary Lightbody had the crowd eating out of his hands by the second note of the first song, which was somewhat shocking. After being to countless shows in Toronto where the crowd was busier talking on their cellphones and trying to make the scene, attending a show where people actually seemed enthusiastic about the music seemed almost quaint, and too good to be real.

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things with this site, after a lengthy bout of boredom and cheese-brainedness about the whole thing. I’m working on a couple of fairly lengthy pieces, and a couple of reviews, as well as a somewhat major expansion of the photography section of this site. Hell, everyone else and their cousin has a photoblog, right? I’m such a follower.

But, things are good, and I guess when things are good, I have less to talk about as I’m too busy just enjoying life. That tends to be the case with web sites - if they go silence for a prolonged period, either the person has discovered Life and the fact that, “Hey Mikey!”, they like it too, or they’ve become overwhelmed with a massive bout of disinclination.

Me, I could say I’m lovin’ life (and I am), but the sad fact is I’m a lazy ass.

I’m Neil Lee, and I approve of this post.

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