If everyone wants you,
why isn’t anyone calling?

Laura Branigan Dies So much for the move back to Toronto kick-starting my webblogging mojo. It’s funny - I’ve had lots of ideas for posts pop into my head lately, but I just haven’t had the inclination to post here as much as usual. Yeah, I know I suck.

I’m constantly amazed by the incredible multi-culturalness of this city. Today Renée and I went down to walk around our so-to-be new neighbourhood (yes, we’re moving again: I ♥ masochism) - High Park and Bloor West Village. There’s tons of Polish and Ukrainian people that live there, and lots of great little ethnic shops and restaurants.

There was a street festival on today, with the requisite ferris wheel creaking away softly, while dishevelled carnies lurking behind plush Spongebob Squarepants dolls waiting to be won by some pasty. A ruddy-faced man sang loud songs in a robust Ukrainian as a smiling companion sawed away on an accordion, and Renée and I feasted on pierogi and cabbage rolls as people of countless nationalities walked by. The food reminded us of Winnipeg.

I’m almost shocked by this feeling of quiet patriotism that I sometimes feel, but I am unashamed to say that I am proud to be Canadian. Days like today when the beautiful sight of countless nationalities all together and enjoying each other’s company just reaffirm this to me.

Rest in peace, Laura Branigan.

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