Stupidity tries / The Nerd Rides Again

hemsley(With apologies to Sherman Hemsley, who is neither stupid nor a nerd.)

I must be scraping the bottom of the intellectual barrel these days, as lately I’ve been chock-a-block full of completely asshat decisions. I was really giving myself a serious self-beating today (“Yooooou eeedeeeot!”) until I realized that with the end of school, the move, and all of the craziness of getting settled here, I’ve been going basically full-tilt since September 2003. I suppose that’s some kind of excuse… <cough> <cough>

I need to figure out how to relax again. The fact that I have to “figure” that out in the first place is incredibly sad.

The good news is that our stuff finally arrived from AMJ Campbell (warning: gratuitous usage of flash and the Jefferson’s theme song), and we’re going to be getting a deduction from the cost of our move, which was very much expected. If I had only known what I was getting into…

It’s very, very difficult to find good, accurate moving information online, which I think is bizarre, considering how stressful moving can be. To help alleviate this (and add my moving experience to the collective intelligence), I’ll be writing a much more thorough review of AMJ Campbell very soon. I’ll summarize it here for you now, though: great foot soldiers (the moving guys), poor internal communication, crap transport, and overall not a nightmare, but way more stressful than it needed to be.

Idiots-Are-Running-Wild-In-The-Big-City moment: I actually saw a guy riding a Segway a couple of days ago. Boy, it’s no surprise that the Segway hasn’t been the runaway hit everyone was expecting: it makes any rider look like the biggest dork on wheels. It fairly screams out, “I HAVE NO SEX LIFE AND THIS ISN’T HELPING”.

The fact that the rider in question was already a nerd of epic proportions means that I had to shield my eyes, having allowed myself to gaze upon DAS MAXI-NERD. I proceeded to fall over and had a sudden craving to play a spirited game of Dungeons & Dragons right on the spot. “I can’t be a nerd - I have 18 Charisma!”

Okay, enough of that. Sleep make stupid man go away.

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