Blood, sweat, and tears

Thank god I hired a company to move all of our stuff. For the past week I’ve been packing boxes, cleaning shelves, throwing away crap, and inhaling dust that has been lying dormant for three years. Is there such a thing as Moving Lung, where the lining of one’s air sacs become clogged with dust bunnies?

This is the first time that I’m moving and not getting rid of everything in the process, which is what I used to do when I moved in the past. Relocating? Time to buy new stuff! Who needs to move couches, chairs, tables, and various potpourri when you can just give it away (or even better, sell it to some sucker) and buy new stuff when you arrive at your new home?

Packing this stuff is bad enough. When we moved into this apartment, carrying 40+ boxes up three flights of stairs nearly killed me - I swear I nearly had a heart attack. Yes, I would like to have some cheese with this whine, thank you very much.

From living with many different roommates, I’ve found there tends to be two kinds of people: those who have absolutely everything necessary for comfortable apartment living, and those who do not. Both RenĂ©e and I were the latter. Up until we moved in together, we’ve always managed to live with people that fit in the former category. You could say we were furniture leeches.

When we moved in together, though, we were suddenly faced with the reality that we were both living with someone else who also had nothing. Luckily, I knew a couple who had just moved in together, and both of them were people who had everything, so they had doubles. Don’t you love the yin and yang nature of life?

Unfortunately, they kept all of the nice stuff and gave us whatever was left over.

So yes. Now we have joined the rest of the world and actually have nice stuff worth keeping. Still, it’s amazing how much crap you accumulate when you stay put for three years. We’ve got tons. It makes me want to buy a house.

That would mean moving again, though. Sigh.

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