The march of the clueless

I read with interest this post from one of my favourite web sites Boing Boing regarding the incredible gullibility of some people:

“Check out the comments on this thread. I posted this note about Bill Gates’ philanthropy. There are dozens of comments from people who apparently think Bill Gates posted it and will give them money. It’s fascinating to read — what are these people thinking? I thought about shutting off the comments, but I have this perverse desire to read them. Every couple of comments I have someone leave their phone number and/or home address that I have to go edit out.”

This reminded me of the article I wrote a long time about Dean Kamen, creator of the massively hyped, poorly sold Segway. At the end, a bunch of people posted comments thinking they were writing directly to Kamen himself. This is even though it’s patently obvious to anyone with an iota of active brain cells that this site has about as much to do with Kamen as I do with a mutated Siberian yak named Shirley.

I don’t mean to sound cruel, but are some people’s heads filled with particle board, or what?

(Update): Here’s another priceless one: people who think this site’s author is none other than Maury Povich:


I was so impressed with what you did for the little girl with the club feet and hands, how you got a wheelchair van, and computer for her. we need more people like you maury, who will lift the spirits of others.

I weep for humanity.

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