Stop the Clock, I want to get off

(Two posts in a single week! Man, I’m cooking with gas now.)

Tonight’s one of those nights when I’m toiling away, and looking up at the clock elicits a loud, “WHAT? It’s <insert time here> already? Arrg!” followed by ten to fifteen minutes of teeth gnashing, heart palpitations, and squirming of the buttocks in the chair.

We’re getting into the home stretch. Half of my 1st year group leaves next Monday for a week long design trip to Chicago (“that toddling town”), and with the Easter holiday just after that, it’s four weeks of classes left and then we’re done. Where did the year go?

Of course, and I keep posting about this but I find it somewhat interesting, but there’s no sign more telling that it’s almost the end of a semester than the sudden appearance of patchy facial hair around campus. Stress + lack of time + multiple, bone-crushing deadlines = ZZ Top, it seems, in both student and instructor.

Being someone who is completely incapable of growing more than a passing insult of facial hair, I find the state of chinny-chin-chin hairs to be pretty entertaining. I’ve always believed that Asians should avoid facial hair at all costs (David Suzuki, I’m looking in your direction), and my pitiful attempts at facial hair are telling.

So grow on, fellow students and instructors! I hear by proclaim that you are all my little chin hair proxies, and I will grow cheesy beards and goatees vicariously through all of you.

Okay, it’s time to stop avoiding the inevitable. Back to it.

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