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office_sm.jpgI’ve been really enjoying the design-related posts and discussions over at Speak Up lately. One of the things they’ve been talking about is how designers seem to be obsessed with other designer’s office space, and previously, what’s on designer’s desks.

I’m not immune to this, either, so I ask: Where do you do work? What does it look like? What kind of crap do you have piled up (or not) around your workspace?

To kickstart the process, I offer this recent photo of my home workspace. Feel free to post links to images in the comments, or if you don’t have a web site to post to, get in touch with me and email me your image(s) and I’ll add ‘em.

Update: How could I forget? If you’re looking for more office space porn, head over to The Desktop Project. There’s hundreds of offices for you to gawk at. Jason Perkins also has a really nice selection of office space photos collected in his Workspace Exhibit.


Update 2: Here’s a hastily assembled office panorama - my desk is on the right. I’d like to pummel whomever chose green as the colour for everything in our office with a big, heavy book on colour theory. Blech.

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