Return of the Grey Lady

greyLady.gifBecause I’m mildly stupid and completely sadistic, I took a break from marking today by rummaging through some of my old file archives on my hard drive. In a folder strangely marked Cheesy Puffs, I found a complete copy of the 2nd design of this site (the present one you’re soaking in being #3), with all of the files exactly as they were the day before I pulled the site down for redesign.

That was the stupid part. The sadistic part was, instead of getting up from the computer and taking a long, invigorating walk like a good healthy boy should, I decided it was time to resurrect the “Grey Lady” and add it to the Retired Sites design graveyard. I’m incredibly nostalgic; it’s a fatal flaw, sometimes.

So, yeah. For all two of you who complained about how you preferred the previous design to this one, it’s back, warts and all. Say “welcome back” to retired site design #2.

Retired site design #1, the first design for this site, is still available for those of you who actually care about these kinds of things.

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