Zany updates

I’ve updated the instructions and the stylesheet for the ad blocking with CSS entry. The new and improved stylesheet incorporates the excellent wildcards found at the Mozilla Firebird page, hides form reset buttons (which are responsible for more than a few curses and scowls from being mistaken for submit), and improves the iframe and flash filters.

The other site-related nugget: what the heck is going on with the comments on the Dean Kamen Profile page? This rather uninspired article (that I wrote a couple of years ago when I worked at Sympatico) seems to consistently get more comments than any other post on this site.

The strangest thing is, people seem to think that they’re communicating with Dean Kamen himself. One such person wrote:

“Dear Mr. Kamen, I heard about you from 60 minutes II with Dan Rather. I must say to you that I was highly overwhelmed.”

People are strange. wink

(Edit: That explains a lot: the page in question is #1 at Google for dean kamen profile.)

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