The Sounds of Summertime

The mosquitos are back in full force now, after many blissful weeks of bug-free summering. They’re getting so bad Renée and I could feel their bodies bouncing off of us as we rode home from the park this evening. Not a lot of talking and riding for these cyclists, less there be an accidental indulgence in a buggy buffet. Yeech.

I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer as much as I possibly can this summer, to spend more time just living and enjoying the weather. It’s been a warm, wet summer so far this year, but not an uncomfortable one, and besides the minuscule threat of West Nile virus, or another embarrassing celebrity-sighting in the local paper[1], it’s been enjoyable.

Michael BerrymanThe biggest pain in the ass so far has been all of the bikers that roar down the street that runs in front of our apartment. It’s like having Michael Berryman stomping through our living room every night, like he did in Weird Science - but not as cool. I’m sure bikers can be smart people if they want to be, but I don’t understand their reluctance to embrace modern muffler technology.

This, coupled with the unfortunate sound of people arguing and screaming gut-renching expletives while using the public phone right outside our window (many Winnipeggers don’t do cellular) has made for a rather immersive urban experience this summer. I think half of the city has fought with, bellowed at, and broken up with their girlfriend or boyfriend on that goddamn phone. As much as people try to downplay it, Winnipeg has its share of loogans, and they all seem to hang out in our neighbourhood.

But, it’s not all headaches and rampant noise violations around here. Late at night, when I’m sitting in the reading room / office enjoying a really great book (Banvard’s Folly, by Paul Collins), and the grues have wandered off to terrorize other areas of the city, I can hear the high-pitched keen of the CN railroad cars off in the distance, and the sound of crickets and other late-night folks chatting away the evening. Sometimes the living really is easy.

How’s your summer going?

[1]I kid you not: Richard Gere Peed Here, read a recent cringe-worthy headline, with accompanying photo. Oh, we are such hicks. ^

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