The Provencher Bridge

Provencher BridgeI’m not sure how interesting this will be to most of you, but I’ve been a bit fascinated with a construction project going on here in Winnipeg. The city has been building a replacement for the aging Provencher bridge, and it looks pretty interesting. The bridge joins the city with the old French quarter, Saint-Boniface, which is home to the largest population of francophones in Canada outside of Quebec.

The cable-supported spire structure will be a pedestrian bridge, which will accompany and augment the existing vehicle bridge. Apparently there will be some kind of commercial presence on the pedestrian bridge, though I have no idea how they’re going to implement it. Strangely, there used to be a creperie halfway across the old bridge - don’t ask me why. I hope they move it over to the pedestrian bridge. You never know when you’re going to need a crepe.

So, put on some La Boutine Souriante (a French-Canadian music group that I couldn’t find a URL for) and check out the Provencher Bridge photos.

There’s also a few bonus photos of some Winnipeg Exchange buildings I took today that I tossed in, including two shots of my favourite, the famous Nutty Club building. It’s smackdab in the middle of the Winnipeg financial district. How fitting. If you like these, there’s more like them in the first set of Exchange photos.

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