Here I am, in hot and humid Toronto. Apparently summer decided to finally make an appearance in the last day or so, bringing back the sweaty, smoggy weather I remember all too well. It’s good to be here.

(I hearby vow that I will never [except this one time] refer to Toronto as “T-Dot”, less I eviscerate myself as punishment with a large, ripe mango. Who the hell made that up, any way? It smacks of Lastman.)

A few things that I’ve noticed since I’ve arrived:

  1. They now use these prison camp-style pointy things on the top of signs and lights in subway stations. I’m guessing this is to prevent pigeons from hanging out on top of them. Weird.
  2. It’s refreshing to be back in a city where you can buy from a large selection of ethnic foods and ingredients from your local supermarket. I mean, collard greens and ghee at Dominion? Yes, please!
  3. This sounds incredibly weird, but it’s great to see black people in large numbers again. There are almost no black people in Winnipeg.

First things first: can anyone tell me where there are good cafés with free or cheap WiFi access? I need to do some work while I’m here, and I’d like to indulge in one of the benefits of a larger laptop-toting population.

I’m such a geek.

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