Vacation, all I ever wanted

go-gos.gifNext Monday, I’m taking off for a couple of weeks out East to catch up on my annual smog intake, visit some sorely missed friends, hang out in the my favourite city and take in some jazz, and generally try to chase away any thoughts of school for a bit. It’s going to be great.

I was originally planning to take the train, so I could do a bit of a photo journal trip thing, but with Jetsgo’s seemingly insane loonie sale (buy one direction full fare, get the return leg for $1) I couldn’t resist. This, even though I absolutely loathe flying. I really, really, do. Anything for a bargain, I suppose.

Renée’s dad thinks I’m nuts for going to Toronto with all of the SARS stuff going on. I personally don’t understand the SARS panic whatsoever; yes, it’s a new disease, and yes, it’s a horrible cost that it has caused to families who have lost loved ones because of it.

At the same time, the way that the media has reacted to SARS has made it seem more like its the full-fledged return of smallpox to Canada, and not the very isolated disease that it is. Do you find that the mainstream media becomes more and more like those trash 80’s pseudo-news shows (A Current Affair, Hard Copy) as time goes by?

At any rate, any web bloggin’ types in Toronto or Montreal or Ottawa (where I hope to celebrate Canada Day - maybe hanging with Lana?) who would be interested in getting together for beverages and laughs (GTABloggers, I’m looking in your direction…) let me know - I’d love to meet up with you. Yes, you.

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