I was an all-star trading card

Trading CardIt’s been a little while since I last posted anything of note, mainly because last week was utter mayhem. It was the last week of classes, with my main group of students mired in end-of-term assignment panic, and the Graphic Design students scrambling to prepare for their open house. The GD students show off their work to industry types, brownnose and network for jobs, and make contacts. It’s fun.

Every year, the open house show has a different theme. This year’s theme was extra special, however, as the 3rd year GD students put together something really cool. They printed trading cards that had their photo on them, some sundry facts about themselves, and an example of their work on the back. They followed this up with a set of “all-star” cards, which features photos and facts from the various design instructors. All were packaged up in foil and given out during the show.

Here’s mine.

With the last week of classes finished, and some of my students graduating this year, I find myself in a somewhat discombolulated state. On one hand, I am incredibly relieved to finally have control over my own time again, and to not have my patience tested when I’m tired, and not having to deal with the occassional bouts of student idiocy (which were rare, but annoying nonetheless). :D

At the same time, I’m going to miss my graduating students. I tend to get along with just about anyone, and it’s been a real struggle this year to not get too friendly with my students. I have been lucky: there are some seriously cool people taking courses at the college, and it’s been interesting meeting and befriending them. I’m curious if I’ll run into any of them again…

But, the summer stretches in front of me like a big, fluffy barcalounger. I am going to enjoy the break.

P.S. There’s a spelling mistake on my card: it’s supposed to be Jacques Carelman, not “Grelman” as it presently says. Oh well.

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