In a fit of pure narcissism (I guess that’s what it was), I submitted shots of yours truly to the Baby Picture Project over at When I Was Little. There’s thirty years separating these two photographs. I don’t know what I should think about that.

In more congratulatory news, congraulations are in order once more to Jeffrey Zeldman and Carrie Bickner on their upcoming wedding plans. (Insert bad joke here about web standards and validation). Love is a many splendored thing.

One of my students loaned me the DVD set of Six Feet Under’s first season. Being HBO-deficient, this is a cause for celebration.

Thanks to this tip over at MacOSXHints, Apple’s Safari moves one step closer to becoming my default browser. Now all they need to do is make the tab system work like Camino’s: I like to have external links open in existing windows, and not in a new tab, but I can’t have both. If I want tabs, external links have to open in a new tab. Hopefully this is fixed at some point.

I could always go begging over at Safari developer David Hyatt’s weblog, but that would be rude, wouldn’t it?

Edit:Now that I’m using Safari part-time, I just found a bug in Safari’s CSS-handling. If you’re using Safari, you’ll see the title for these posts repeated twice.

I’m using the :first-letter pseudo-class to change the colour and size of just the first letter of each entries titles - it seems Safari doesn’t like that very much. Time to file a bug report…

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