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Alors - I just came into some extra dough from freelancing work I completed a little while ago, so I went out and upgraded my camera. I originally had a Fuji Finepix 2600, which is a nice point-and-shoot digcam, but it’s pretty limited, too. My brother wants a digital camera, so I sold him my old one and bought a new one. Everybody happy!

s45.jpgWhat I wanted was something that was very portable, but still had a strong manual feature set. The point- and-shoot cameras are nice, but sometimes I like to be in control.

We have the Canon Powershot G2 at school, so I’m used to how the Canons are set up (which is rather nicely). It takes gorgeous photos too, so Canon seemed to be a good bet. I find the G2 to be too big and bulky, though, so it and its upgraded brother the G3 were out.

After reading countless reviews and comparing countless cameras, I finally picked up the Canon Powershot S45.

I’ll post back with a more detailed review in a week or so, once I’ve had a good opportunity to put it through some rigorous testing, but so far I’m very impressed. This is one sexy camera. I mean it’s sleek metal! It’s tiny in that oh-so-irresistable gadgety way that men find irresistable! It has lots of buttons, and you can customize it to make laser sounds when you take photos (not that I would, but damn, I could if I wanted to)!

This kind of rampant consumerism makes me feel greasy and just a bit guilty, in the way that giving into those exceedingly rare (but nigh-overpowering) cravings for McDonald’s french fries can make me feel. Oh well. You gotta get it where you can.

Expect the very under-developed photography section to see some updating soon.

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