Why I am Poor

GraphOkay, so I don’t get it.

Blogshares has been getting lots and lots of attention. Mark has been posting about it often, going so far as to put a box on his homepage to display links to folks who have given him stock. The folks at Backup Brain also have been offering to give away their stock to a select few.

This fantasy stock market has made me realize something mildly profound: I have no understanding at all of the stock market. Back when I worked at Sympatico we got some stock. They might as well have given me a bag filled with curds of whey for all I would have known what to do with them.

Apparently the BeatnikPad is worth $0.35 a share, which is up from $0.18 a week and a half ago. I think that’s good, but I have no idea. This explains why I never hit the motherlode during the Internet gold rush. Options? Stock splits? Vesting? Colour me clueless.

If someone could explain how the stock market works in layman’s terms, I’d be really appreciative. Heck, I’ll give you 75 shares in return, though I have no idea if that’s good.

<sigh>. Do you ever get the feeling that others are making out like thieves, while you’re standing there with this stupid, dumbfound look on your face?

In other blog news, Typepad was announced today by Mena and Ben - very, very, cool. I’ve always thought that Movable Type is a great publishing platform, but it’s not exactly intuitive, and for every person who successfully gets it running, I’m sure there are many others who gave up in frustration and went back to Blogger or some other service.

Typepad sounds like it will make MT as straight-forward to use (or even more so?) than Blogger. That means I can finally get my mom to start weblogging. :)

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