A good day

Things that plaster a big grin on my face:

  1. Going out for lunch with a friend and ordering exactly what I was craving all day, even though I didn’t quite what it was I was craving.
  2. frip.jpgStopping in at the mall for some unknown reason, and finding a copy of The Very Persistant Gappers of Frip (which I’ve wanted to buy for quite some time) for one dollar. In perfect condition.
  3. Walking home on a beautiful, sunny day, with my iPod playing a seemingly random mix which was almost too perfect to have been meant for anyone except me.
  4. Being surprised by two consecutive +17 degrees Celsius days after getting pounding with a late spring snowstorm on my birthday.
  5. Having two of my web hosting clients upgrade their accounts and renew for an entire year at the same time: I need the extra money.
  6. Listening to Ren�e laughing almost uncontrollably watching Who’s Line… in the other room, knowing that she’s had a horrible week and any laughter at all is a good thing.
  7. Knowing that there’s only seven weeks left of school, and then I can finally get my life back for a few months.
  8. Finally figuring out a MySQL problem that I’ve been pounding my head against for two days on my own, without having to call my friendly neighbourhood geek.
  9. Saying, “screw my anti-red meatism”, and eating one of the fucking best Reuben sandwiches ever with absolutely no guilt whatsoever.
  10. Added: Even better, after expecting that I would owe thousands of dollars by the time I completed my income tax, I was pretty chuffed to discover that I only owed $690. Whew.

What makes for a good day for you?

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