A sad day for web publishing

Today has undoubtedly been a black day for book publishing, web designers, and developers. Three major imprints that specialized in web design and development book publishing have closed up shop, leaving a huge, gaping hole in the knowledge network.

First, I heard about Glasshaus :

“It’s with huge sadness, that I tell you that the bank pulled the plug on glasshaus today.”

Then, it was Friends of Ed :

“Friends of Ed is dead.”

And according to folks on the Webdesign-l mailing list, programming imprint giant Wrox has also ceased operations.

(Edit : someone on WD-L just posted copies of emails sent from all three companies - it looks like the parent company that owned all three, Peer Information, was declared insolvent today.)

I guess it’s safe to say now that I had just started the initial process of working on a book for Glasshaus; obviously it’s questionable if the project will continue at all with all of this doom and gloom.

<heaves heavy sigh>

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