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As an avowed (and sometimes guilty) geek, I’ve got my share of computer equipment that I just don’t use anymore, for a seemingly endless list of reasons.

Well, my loss is your gain: buy my stuff for cheap! (All prices are negotiable - make me an offer I can’t refuse.)

What do I have to sell? A computer! A monitor! A printer! A scanner! A laptop! Read on for the savoury details…

I have the following equipment for sale:

Epson 740 Colour Inkjet Printer


$60 cdn ($40 us)

The peripherals continue:
  1. Four colour micro-piezo ink jet technology (wow!)
  2. 1440 × 720 dpi max. resolution (can make pretty good photo prints)
  3. 6 text pages-per-minute and 5 colour pages-per-minute speed
  4. Mac OS 9 / OS X and Windows compatible
I used this printer mainly for colour photo prints, so it hasn’t seen a lot of action. It’s in great condition, comes with all manuals and original packaging, yadda yadda yadda.

Miscellaneous Crap Miscellany

300c.gif- Umax 300c Actionbook (Wintel laptop Ren�e used for word processing- 166mhz Pentium MX, CD-Rom, 2G hard drive, 128mb Ram): $150 cdn.

- Macally iSweetNet Mouse (with all of the coloured “skins”): $8 cdn.

- Hewlett Packard 540c Printer: Free to good home (you gotta pay for shipping)

Don’t forget with the rather pitiful state of the Canadian dollar all of these items are a steal if you’re paying in almost any other currency (except for Japanese Yen, which equally sucks).

Interested in anything here? Have any questions? Drop me a quick note and let me know.

Thank you.

ISSN 1499-7894
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