Originus Geekus

Here’s one for the geeks:

 II+My first real computer (as we know them to be now, and not the old microcomputers that you used to be able to build from Heathkit) was an II+ that my dad bought in 1980. I was ten.

It cost something like $3500, and I think it had 48kbs of ram, and a CPU that ran at a springy 1mhz.

For the longest time we used a standard audio tape player to load Breakout and other games onto the computer. Our monitor was a Baycrest 12” colour television (which cost a fortune back then, but still works to this day[!]).

Three relevations:

  1. My dad splurging one Christmas and buying two 51/4” disk drives, which meant we could actually play games like Ultima, Lode Runner, and Castle Wolfenstein. I worshipped at the altar of Br�derbund and Origin Systems.
  2. Learning how to program in BASIC by reading books like BASIC Computer Games by David Ahl.
  3. Being introduced to (and being consumed by) Bulletin Board Systems when we got a 300 Baud modem. Memories of my first email, my first chat with a Sysop, my first online game…

I “grew out” of computers by the time I turned 15 or 16. My interest had turned to the more tangible entertainments high school presented. Once I discovered partying, girls, and punk rock my time using computers seemed like a long forgotten memory.

I didn’t use computers again seriously until just five or six years ago, where I first introduced to the Internet, and where I first saw glimmers of what would become a fond obsession, and a career.

What was your first experience with a computer?

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