Safari Requests

Here’s my wish list for David Hyatt and the team at responsible for the beta Web browser, Safari:

  1. Standards support.: What the world needs now is a browser with the best standards support going. I’m talkin’ better than Gecko.
  2. Tabs, or some other way of dealing with multiple pages. Yes, I know everyone and his dog is clamouring for tabs, but it’d be nice to see something really innovative here.
  3. Reusable windows. Please add a preference setting to resuse existing windows for external links. I can’t stand it when I keep getting windows all over the place from clicked URLs in my mail client, or NetNewsWire
  4. A specialized window for bookmarks. The iTunes-esque interface is an interesting idea, but I still like to have a browser window available to browse in while my bookmarks are open. Yes, I could just CMD+N for a new window, but then I’m left with this gigantic bookmark window hogging the screen.
  5. Better contextual menu support.
  6. More search options. I like how Chimera and Mozilla have keyword bookmarks, so I can create a bookmark that references, attach the keyword "i" to it, and then type "i adrian Zmed" into the address bar to search IMDB.
  7. More Keychain support. Please add support for username and passwords present in page form elements, ala Chimera or Mozilla. It’s darn handy.
  8. Add form auto-fill / autocomplete. I don’t use this a lot, but it’d be a useful thing to have around.
  9. Kill the brushed metal look. Oh, please. If you implement only one thing on this list, please make it this one.

Playing with the latest beta today, and while this seemed to be a bug-fix release more than anything, it’s still getting better and better. Things are looking up.

ISSN 1499-7894
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