Something gave me pause this weekend. I was over at my parent’s place for dinner on Sunday and decided it was time to weigh myself. It’s something I almost never do, because my weight is usually pretty stable so it’s not like I’m missing anything dramatic.

Actually, let me start over. The reason I was weighing myself was because I wanted to see how much weight my parent’s dog had gained. The (very) good news is that my parent’s dog seems to be going into remission. The drugs she’s taking to treat her hepatitis seemed to be working their medicinal magic. One side effect of the drugs she’s on, however, is a hugely increased appetite. So she’s ballooning.

To weigh her, I was going to do the “I weigh this much alone, and this much with Cleo in my arms” bit. Math is an amazing thing.

I got on the scale, and was pretty flabbergasted to notice that I had somehow lost five pounds. Normally losing five pounds for anyone is either a celebration, or no big deal. But I’m already too skinny. In fact, I’ve been trying for years to gain weight as I’ve always kind of felt my average weight (around 145 lbs.) is way too low for someone my height (6 feet and a bit). Plus, my weight very rarely fluctuates more than plus or minus a pound or two. So, where the heck did the weight go?

More importantly, how the heck does someone actually gain weight? I mean, good, healthy weight, and not spare-tire-love-handles weight? I tried going to the gym and that just made my weight plummet.

I know Asians are usually (well, stereotypically at least) svelte, but the fact that I’m just barely weighing in at 140 lbs. kind of concerns me. Our family has always had a really high metabolism, and I try to eat fairly consistent, healthy meals, but I’m wondering if this is a healthy weight to be at.

Okay, enough self-absorption.

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