For the last time

Well, if my stats are any indication, has a runaway hit on their hands with their new web browser Safari. People visiting this site using Safari has gone up something like 45% since Safari was first introduced. Considering that puts Safari as the most popular Mac OS X browser being used, and the fact that Safari has only been out for a week and is still in beta, that’s pretty darn impressive.

A gentleman named Matthew Thomas has also linked to this site, to a small quote I made about Safari and the brushed metal interface. This normally wouldn’t be a huge deal, except that he’s been sending rather surprising numbers of referrers here, and he mentions my name in the same general vicinity of the esteemed Edward Tufte. I think this will probably be the closest I ever get to Tufte, so I better enjoy it.

Oh, and as if there wasn’t already enough Mac OS X web browsers, industrious soul Kevin Gerich has assembled an experimental build of Phoenix for the aqua-laden operating system. This is noteworthy because Phoenix is presently only available for Windows and Linux systems, and also because the thing is damn fast - it’s Mozilla reimagined as a lithe and bloat-free web browser (no email, chat client, toilet plunger, or stain remover). So many browsers…

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